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Picture of Martin Petersen - Principal

Martin Petersen - Principal

Please check your calendars. I have switched around on some classes schedule, as Lena will go on holiday.

School scheduling/timetabling software drag and drop

The pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

When you drag a subject into a schedule, shadows will tell you when the teacher or the room applied to that subject is occupied.

No more double-booking for teachers and classrooms

Docendo counts the hours. You make the hours count.

You can always get the exact hours and minutes of lessons placed in a calendar for a class or a teacher.

No more excel spreadsheets to keep count

Picture of Mette

Sophie Jensen - Planner & teacher

We have made some changes in 6th grade's schedule, so they'll meet the required number of hours instructed this month. They were falling behind in English and History after the Science Week.

School scheduling/timetabling year planning software
Picture of Helena Ward

Helena Ward

I can see in our shared calendar, that we are all able to meet 9am on Tuesday, to plan next week's classes. Looking forward to seeing you, guys!

A teacher's calendar

Software for scheduling/timetabling year planning software

Keep everyone up-to-date in real time.

All teachers and substitutes get their own calendar. And all calendars easily integrates with

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Henriette likes Docendo because:

"We make a fixed schedule for designated periods of the school year. Then we can make changes as we go. For example, to arrange a Sports Day, we take the original classes from that day, and simply move them to other days."

Henriette Qvist, Principal
10. Klassecenteret Vesthimmerland, (Denmark)

Every day. Every teacher. Every student. Every class.