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School scheduling integration


All schedules and calendars can be easily integrated with other calendar systems like Outlook and Google Calendar, and already existing schedules can be imported (CSV import) to Docendo. Schedules can easily be shared with students and parents in a mobile friendly version too.

Schedules for Students and Parents

Students and parents can find the Docendo schedules wherever you choose to share them. This is done through private a link for each schedule, and when the link is shared once, there is no need for updating it. The schedule shown through the link will always be the latest up-to-date version. In other words no exports or imports are needed. Schedules - along with notes and homework - can be accessed without the need of a login.

Schedules for students & parents
Schedules on smartphone

Schedules on devices

Responsive Docendo schedules are available for both iOS and Android devices. The students will always have their up-to-date schedule available on their phone, with notes and homework.

See how easy scheduling is in Docendo

See how easy school scheduling is using Docendo

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Info screen

In Docendo you will also find the option to display information on info screens, eg. today's substitutes or today's absent teachers.

Info screen schedules

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