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Scheduling Teachers in docendo

Made for both teachers and administrators

In Docendo teachers, teams and administrators have a scheduling system for the modern school. Staff as well as students and parents always have easy access to up-to-date calendars and schedules. Teachers can always find updated schedules for classes, teams, teachers and classrooms. Docendo makes the scheduling and communication on the school uncomplicated and transparent, with new opportunities for teamwork across the staff when booking a location or classroom, arranging a meeting, or switching around on classes between team members.

All your activities in one place

In your Docendo calendar all activities such as teaching, meetings and so on, are all kept in one place. As soon as there is a change made to one of your activities in a class schedule or team calendar, your calendar is automatically updated. You can also schedule activities directly from your own calendar.

Teachers Schedule
Weekly notes in schedule

Notes for subjects & weeks

From your calendar you can also add notes for each of your subjects or classes, so they can also be seen by colleagues or students. Just click on the activity in the calendar, or scroll down to the week overview, and write your notes. You can also enter personal notes.

Automatic hour count

Teaching and other tasks and activities are registered and counted automatically, so you’ll always have access to an updated overview of hours used and worked, divided between the different types of activities. You can choose to let Docendo count and show the hours by the preset periods - or choose your own.

Automatic hour count

See how easy scheduling is in Docendo

See how easy school scheduling is using Docendo

Schedule overview

Yearly Overview

The Yearly Overview in Docendo gives you a graphical overview of how the teacher’s activities and hours are distributed across the school year’s weeks. From here you’ll immediately be able to identify if this distribution seems reasonable, or if there is need for any adjustments.

Dynamic Activity Overview

The Activity Overview within a teacher’s calendar is dynamical. This means that you can always use the numbers in the Activity Overview to compare assigned working and teaching hours with what has actually been scheduled. This makes it easy to identify errors or less optimal distribution of activities in schedules an for teachers.

Task overview

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Team Calendars

If your teachers are part of a team they can have their own team calendar in Docendo. This gives the teacher and the team quick access to all team activities and makes it easy to find time for meetings and so on. In the team calendar you can create different types of activities and add the team members to the activity. Docendo will then tell you when the different team members are busy elsewhere with teaching or other activities.

Team schedule
Assign hours teacher

Assign hours

If a teacher or a team has been assigned a specific amount of hours for different activities/subjects that are not yet scheduled, these hours can be put directly into the teacher’s own calendar and scheduled whenever needed. This can be done by for example creating an activity called ‘Extra Ressource’ with 30 hours available through a year, and can then be scheduled into different class schedules when the need arises.

Booking classrooms

When you need a location for the meeting or for the class tomorrow, Docendo will show you which options you have. All classrooms or locations have their own calendar, and when booking a room directly from the class schedule, shadows will tell you when the room is available without the need to leave the schedule you're editing.

Book classrooms

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